About me:

I am currently a staff researcher in Professor Robert H. Grubbs' lab at the California Institute of Technology, where I obtained my B.S. in Chemistry in June 2015. Besides spending time in lab conducting original research in synthetic organic chemistry, I create artworks on natural materials including silk and wood. In both my scientific and artistic careers, I am inspired by the complexity and efficiency of the natural world, and aim to incorporate that influence into my works. Click any of the links below to learn more about either my scientific career or to see some examples of artwork I have created. To commission artwork, please follow the links under the Artistic Works path.

I currently work on creating Carbon-Silicon bonds using earth-abundant-metal catalysis, developing new methods for modifying interesting molecules.

Chemical Sciences Career

I love creating artwork, and specialize in paintings on silk, wood, and other natural materials. I accept commissions and requests.

Artistic Works

In addition to my scientific and artistic interests, I have many other hobbies and activities that occupy my time, such as camping and music theory.

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