I am available for commissions in any art medium and for any price range. Please fill out the following form with details of your desired commission. I will contact you via your provided email for follow-up details including shipping, feedback, and payment options.

For commissions, 50% of the agreed-upon price is requested upon my confirmation of your commission order; the other 50% is requested when you receive the artwork. For payment options, I accept cheques, Google Wallet, or Amazon Wallet. We can also work out other forms of payment if none of these are possible. I am able to mail artwork to you, and on this page is instructions for wrapping silkpaintings around canvases, putting them into frames, or mounting artwork in other ways. If you would like me to pre-assemble an artwork for display, I am happy to do so, although frame / canvas cost is not included, and shipping will also be additional for the larger package.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding artwork or commissions at art(at)